Bad Love make ‘Sad-Boy Pop’. Based in Manchester, they combine the cinematic allure of new-romantic icons like Depeche Mode and The Cure with heartfelt and anthemic pop-hooks LA pop like, LANY and MUNA to cultivate a sophisticated alt-pop sound . Frontman, songwriter and producer Andy Gannon says that Bad Love is his obsession with creating art and music that is sincere. Bad Love don’t shy away from being emotionally candid and have big dreams about making their mark on British music. The band have released a new single ‘Cashmere Tears’ which is available on all music platforms.

Written and self produced during lockdown, ‘Cashmere Tears’ is a song about wanting more from life, feeling trapped in the repetition of ‘sad suburbia’, the repetition of a dead end jobs and being pulled down by toxic relationships. A story about a past love who dreamed of being so much more, ‘Cashmere Tears’ wants us to remember who we were before we became jaded to the world.

“For me, Cashmere Tears is a song about how the security of home can hold you back. It’s a story of a girl who’s been stuck for too long in something that’s never been good for her. About how if you want more out of life you need to go and get it before you lose your for it spark. The idea of missing out on life has always given me a huge anxiety, The thought of missing out on life scares the shit out of me. I can’t think of anything worse than waking up one day and wishing I’d done things I knew I should’ve.” – Andy Gannon, Frontman

‘Cashmere Tears’ has everything we have come too expect from Bad Love, heartfelt Lyrics, catchy beat and the bands unique sound which in instantly recognisable we all love to hear. As soon as I played this single within seconds I was hooked and tapping along to this catchy track.

The relatable and catchy lyrics will be stuck in your head, sometimes this is the worst thing to happen but not with this brilliant track. The agile vocals will grab your attention and will make you listen to every word in this incredible single. This combined with the catchy beat will not doubt have you dancing along or at least tapping along which I see as a basic guarantee that it will be a success live.

The band have yet again created a track that tells the story through a upbeat sounding song which is not something you hear often but I love it, for me it makes this track even more special and it stands out more. The bands unique style is something I love to hear and without a doubt is always a joy to hear, if there is one thing you can always guarantee about any Bad Love track is that it will put a smile on your face and will leave you wanting to hear more.

This track had my attention within seconds and I instantly fell in love the track, the only fault I can find about this track is that it ends far too quickly. Another great track to add to an already impressive set list.

Another instantly memorable track from this talented band.


By Siân Parker