Let’s rewind to early 2019 in the small town of Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire where school friends Angus Moore (guitarist), Benjy Leak (vocalist) and Sam Collins (bassist) began jamming to some of their favourite cover songs in their sixth form music classroom. Not long after, the three lads invited their fellow pupil and peer, Ollie Stacey (drummer) to join the band.

Fast forward a few months the four piece became a quiente when joining forces with East-Londoner, Patrick Murphy (guitarist) after being introduced through a mutual contact at the infamous Community Festival. This would be the very start of Lock-In.

Lock-In have recently released a new single ‘Rosy Cheeks’ the anticipated follow up to debut single ‘Teenager’, both singles are available to listen to on all music platforms.

Described as a charmy upbeat sounding track with a compassionate meaning, ‘Rosy Cheeks’ is a perfect encapsulation of a failed romance contrasted by an earworm of a melodic hook. Lock-In take us on a hopeful lyrical journey which touches on the raw realities of what it means to move on from a once loved one.

It usually takes me a few listens to a new single for me to fully get into it, however, this single had my attention within the first few seconds with it’s catchy drum beat and guitar riff. I found myself tapping along to the song and I loved everything I was hearing, there is something so catchy about the song and the sound the band have created that you instantly fall in love with.

It’s impossible to not love this incredible single from the strong vocals, layered guitar riffs and brilliant instrumentals which will have you hooked within seconds and you will be up on your feet dancing around.

The band high energy and charm really shines through in this single, it’s great to hear a song where you can tell the band enjoyed creating the track and their energy is heard throughout the song. The band’s unique sound really packs a punch and for me there is no one else that sounds like them.

This is an impressive single which shows off the bands musical talents, this was the first time I had heard from this incredible band and it’s safe to say I was impressed with what I heard and the only bad point I have is this single is it ended far too quickly


By Siân Parker