The Clockworks are a four-piece band that take aim at the injustices and prejudices rife in our society with an assault of straight-up punk rock.

Complex and character driven in its narrative, the song follows the lives of separate but interconnected individuals in society: from a bigoted Café owner to beleagured kitchen porters, dreaming buskers to down-and-out beggars. Pulling together the fragments of our fractured society, “Enough Is Never Enough” creates a vivid collage that depicts its failings in one painstaking picture.

I discovered this this incredible band earlier this year and I have loved everything I’ve heard from them so far and this new single did not disappoint. The single has the unique and raw sound that can only be described as The Clockworks own unique sound which grabs your attention instantly and makes you listen to every word.

The single is full of passion and from the opening verses your transported to another level with the incorporation of strings, drums and vocals. I love how the band create a song that is like a story, the topics they write about as well is refreshing to hear, they don’t cut any corners they write openly and honestly.

The chorus is catchy and I have no doubt it will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day like it was for me. The band have created an instant memorable track pack full of energy. The band have managed to create a single that shows off the bands own unique sound so well and really makes this track stand out.

Another great single to add to an already impressive list, I can’t fault the new single.


By Ollie Cooper