Cheshire-based quartet Hollywood Eyes originally formed in 2018 when Ryan Pridding (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) and Anthony Edes (Bass Guitar) began making demos together. They then recruited Christopher Mee (Drums) and Connor Ledsom (Lead Guitar) to transform their bedroom concept into a real band.

Now fully formed, they have crafted a unique Indie-pop sound whilst taking influence from 80s inspired and modern contemporary artists. Such as The 1975, The Neighbourhood, Dominic Fike, The Kooks and to name a few, they have established their own identity in an extremely competitive industry. They have recently released a new single ‘Bound To (You)’ which is available on all music platforms.

Fusing together the synth-pop sounds with catchy lyrics makes this single so great and for me it makes this track even more special and it stands out more. The combinations of vocals, strings and drums works so well together along with the bands catchy sound.

This track instantly had my full attention with its unique and memorable sound, the lyrics will have you listening to every word. This brilliant track was stuck in my head all day, sometimes this can be annoying but as always that was certainly not the case, I was happy to have this track stuck in my head as I carried on with my day.

This was the first song I have heard from this incredibly talented band, I instantly loved what I was hearing from this incredibly catchy single, from the sound to the lyrics I cannot fault anything with this track. I can’t wait to hear more from this band in the future.

An instantly memorable track and the perfect track to add to your playlist.


By Siân Parker