Taking inspiration from the likes of Foo Fighters & The Smashing Pumpkins, Free Galaxy deliver an unparalleled blend of riff heavy, harmony filled Alternative Rock. The Coventry based four-piece are set to begin their post lockdown comeback with the release of their new single ‘Look’.

‘Look’ is a reflection of life’s unexpected hardships, using raw energy and honest lyricism to highlight the vitality of circumspection. Embodying this message of vigilance, the video tells the story of an unsuspecting driver who has his car hijacked & smashed up.

This was the first single I had heard from the band, I loved everything I was hearing, the energy to the sound. The band high energy instantly grabbed my attention, their unique sound packs a punch and will have you out of your seat.

The sound is right up my street, so after listening to their single ‘Look’ I knew I would be a fan of this bands. The single’s anthemic guitar riffs and vocals combined with the energy and mixture of strings and drums with the Alternative rock feel makes this single sound incredible and for me it made this an instant memorable track.

It’s safe to say I am a fan of this band, I can’t wait to hear more from this band in the future.

Great job guys!


By Ollie Cooper