Sam Lambeth is back with his second single “The King [You And Me]” which is set for release on 12th January 2021! But is it any good?! Short answer: YES!

Sam himself describes this song as being “a lot different from my debut single, but that was always the plan. I wanted the second cut you heard to be a bit lighter, fuller and rockier” and that definitely shows during the 4 minute track. But what’s it about? Personally, it felt like a song dedicated to a former lover or even maybe a former friend, but Sam has said that this song takes on a new meaning whenever he sings it and I love that! You’re able to find your own interpretation and draw your own conclusion as to what it’s about, finding your own meaning behind the lyrics, which is perfect in my opinion as when you can connect to music on a personal level, it makes it that much more three dimensional and enjoyable! Songs like this truly stand out to me.

‘The King’ starts off peacefully with a simple guitar and gradually increases in production until Sam’s beautiful vocals appear, instantly hooking the listener with the opening line “I could never forget you, but I had some regrets too”. I’m already intrigued – what regrets?! Could never forget who?! Sing to me, Sam!!!

Momentum flows in the background whilst Sam’s distinct voice croons the gorgeously written lyrics, but as the song reaches the first chorus, the production suddenly stops and Sam’s stunning vocal belts “whatever happened? Whatever happened to you and me?” and it just grabs you right there before bringing that catchy upbeat production back into play. The song builds and builds nicely, and you find yourself tapping your foot and bobbing your head along to it, reminiscent of everybody’s Grandad as he sits in his armchair enjoying his music without a care in the world. The bridge is amazing, complete with instrumental solo immediately after, which flows nicely into an impactful final chorus and the grand finale! By the time the song is done, you just want to listen to it again!

Overall, I have to say I really enjoyed this! It’s the first song of Sam Lambeth I’ve personally listened to, but I can safely say that it won’t be the last! Sam, you’ve got a new fan in me and I’m ending this review here by saying that I’m off to listen to your previous track!


By Daniel Lacey