Alan Donnelly is a musician from Ireland and has just released his first EP as a solo artist. Having been in a band and also a composer for campaigns such as Coco-Cola, Tate Modern and Monster Energy it took a global pandemic to finally make me put together my EP known as “Session One.” The whole EP was recorded in my garden shed during lockdown. This is a four track EP from future album “The Shadows”.

Alan takes you on a journey through life with his EP ‘Session One’, combining the haunting and dark moments with the playful and happy, the EP is a true reflection on life and the ever-changing emotions we all face.

The EP starts with ‘The Flood’, the acoustic guitar draws you into the track within seconds whilst the melody sweeps over you like a wave. This is combined with Donnelly’s vocals really makes this incredible track stand out and for me it makes it my favourite from the EP.

‘When You’re Gone’ has a more bluesy feeling to the melody and is more of a love song. The chorus will make you smile and will be stuck in your head for days after hearing this track. What I love the most about this single is it’s not a traditional love song, it has it’s own unique sound which for me makes this stand out the any other Love Song.

‘Mirror Mirror’ is about how as children we imagine what our futures will be like and how our ideas of the future change as we grow up. It’s a great track full of amazing sounds and hooks and lyrics which we can all relate too. This track really get’s you thinking and remembering about the time when life was a lot simpler.

‘Rain’ I the last track on the EP, its gentle acoustic guitar opening will grab your attention along with the emotional tone that comes through in both the melody and lyrics.

An EP full which will take you on an emotional journey through life. The EP is a delight from start to finish and you will want to listen to the whole thing again and again.

Great Job!


By Ollie Cooper