Manchester based Rosellas have recently released a new single ‘Born Under a Cloud’ which is available on all music platforms.

‘Born Under a Cloud’ is brilliant single from start to finish, it’s powerfully and catchy lyrics combined with the upbeat feel will have you up onto your feet. There is nothing I didn’t like about this track, I was sold within the first few seconds of hearing this track for the first time.

The strong vocals, layered guitar riffs and brilliant instrumentals will have you hooked within seconds and you will be up on your feet dancing around as if you are at one of the bands gigs, which I think we all wish we were at right now.

The band high energy and memorable songs instantly grabbed your attention, their unique sound packs a punch and draws you in. This is way more than just another indie song, this unique and memorable single is something special that you need to hear.  

The band have managed to create a single that shows off their musical talents, this was the first time I had heard from this incredible band and it’s safe to say I was impressed with what I heard.


By Siân Parker