Manchester based Mr. Matthew Fisher shares his brand new single ‘Micky’ on Friday 8th January 2021.

Written, recorded & performed by Fisher himself, the track was produced by Sam Kennedy of Ronald Raygun, with Kennedy adding additional drums & synths.

We got a chance to ask Matthew some questions, here’s what he had to say.

Who were your musical influences growing up?

“First band that touched me were AC/DC haha. I remember watching Iron Man 1 when I was 9 and that had Back in Black on it and I was like yes, I’m having some of this. On top of that I’ve also been brought up with my dad’s soul and 70s music. I found Stuff like ‘Tears of a Clown’ by The Miracles and ‘Blockbuster’ by Sweet really magical.

Growing up a little more, when I was 15, music found itself firmly at the top of my agenda. I was absolutely rinsing The Stranglers, The Jam, Siouxsie and the Banshees and anything else punk. It was also around this time I started listening to American metal and Hip Hop like Tribe Called Quest & Public Enemy”.

What has been your best gig?

“Best gig I’ve ever played was with my old band, Electric Screams. We threw on a free gig at Gullivers in Manchester and it was a good old party. We had Strange Sun & Happy Athletic supporting. Think it was great throwing a gig on for free, we felt deeply invested in the magical scene of Manchester that night”.

Can you tell us a bit about your music?

“I released my first single Antenna Blame back in October, it was my first solo music adventure and since then I’ve written nearly an album’s worth of stuff. It’s all written, recorded & performed by me and further produced by Sam Kennedy of Ronald Raygun. 

Micky my next single is out on 8th January, I love this track and it’s my favourite that I’ve done so far. Will probably release a double single in the spring then might look to releasing something a little longer like an album!”

Can you describe your music in 3 words?

“Quirky, Jerky and Satirical”. 

What makes your music stand out?

“I think simplicity and snappiness is what makes it stand out. I love keeping guitars/drums straight and jerky whilst synths pad the rest out. My nonsense lyrics and sometimes weird themes probably help things stand out as well”.

What are your plans for the rest of 2020?

“For the rest of 2020 I’m working on promoting ‘Micky’ and writing some more tunes. AND also, secretly working on pulling a band together (a very little one) for when it’s possible to gig properly again!”

If your band had to be remembered for one thing apart from your music what would you want it to be?

“Being funny and entertaining. Putting on ‘Shows’ rather than just playing gigs!”

Do you have any gig’s coming up? 

“I did have a gig on January 8th at Lock 91 in Manchester to celebrate the release but had to cancel! I’m just going to keep off the gigs until it’s 100 percent possible that they won’t get cancelled”.

By Siân Parker