Blake Collins is an indie-rock singer songwriter based in Los Angeles, who is gearing up to release his full-length album. But before he does that, he’s asked us lovely lot here at That Blogger Music to take a listen to two tracks and give our feedback! So for this review, you’re getting a two in one kind of deal, as I review his songs “She Gives You That Look” (released back in July 2020) and also “Your Love Is Good” (released back in September 2020).

“She Gives You That Look” served as the first single from the aforementioned teased full-length album, and I have to say, I really enjoyed it! For me, it has a 60s vibe and influence, which I really liked about it! The lyrics are catchy and instantly hook you from the start, especially as the opening line is ‘The rumour that’s going around, that she gives her heart all over town’ — now, I don’t know about you, but I’m already intrigued! As the song progresses, we’re treated with a catchy melody complete with poetic lyrics of an upbeat fashion telling us the story of a girl who flirts her way around the men in town as they all fall for her charm. It ends just as fast as it starts, but it leaves you begging to hear it again. Blake’s vocals here are perfect and really sit well with this style of music, so this was a pleasure to listen to! I have to say, this was a strong lead single and has the full package!

“Your Love Is Good” is the second single released from the yet to be released album. This one is a very fast song at just 2 minutes long, and has a similar sound to the previous single – I’m feeling another 60s influence and vibe, and I’m not mad at that! It works very well and I absolutely loved it! Lyrically, I interpreted this one as being about a love that’s faded between two people and one of them has moved on – whether that’s the story, I don’t know, but that’s what I took from it. Blake’s vocals again are on point and shine brilliantly over this quick track. He has such a perfect voice and gorgeous vocal for this style of music, and I love it! My only criticism about this song is the fact it’s only on for 120 seconds – it feels like it’s over almost as quick as it’s begun, and another minute or even half a minute would have been lovely! But what we did get was amazing, so I shouldn’t complain really haha.

Personally, of the two, I’d say the first one “She Gives You That Look” was my favourite, but I really did enjoy both! Blake has since released a Christmas song titled “It’s Christmas Time” (which, for your information, I also loved!) and is due to release his full-length album in 2021, so I would definitely recommend you give him a listen and get excited about future music from him just like I am! He’s got a great musical style, catchy lyrical content, possesses a distinctive yet enjoyable vocal, and deserves to be heard! So what’s not to like? Go and treat your ears!

She Gives You That Look – 10/10

Your Love Is Good – 8/10 (I wish it were longer!)

By Daniel Lacey

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