This single proves they are onto something which very likely could rocketed them to greatness. It does fit their shimmering, bright sound, which feels like a brief glimpse of blue on a grey, rainy day.

Musically, the single is perfect, they have created a single that immediately captures the attention of the listener and feels genuine and fresh, like it was captured unexpectedly.

It’s impossible to not listen to incredible track from beginning to end, the strong vocals and brilliant instrumentals will have you hooked within seconds. The band high energy and memorable songs instantly grabbed your attention, their unique sound packs a punch and draws you in.

As I was listening to this track I was taken back to the 90’s Britpop, the bands sound and way the track made me feel I felt like I had gone back in time and I was listening to the bands I love from the 90’s who made me fall in love with music.

This is an impressive single the band have managed to create something that shows off their musical talents and combined classic sounds we love to hear with their own unique sounds. This was the first time I had heard from this incredible band and it’s safe to say I was impressed with what I heard, and I am a fan of this brilliant band. The only bad point I have is the EP ended far too quickly, I was left wanting to hear more.


By Ollie Cooper