Anniee is a singer/songwriter based in NYC. As a vocalist she has performed in a wide variety of genres including classical, folk, rock, jazz, musical theatre and EDM. She has turned her attention to producing pop/dance tracks with theatrical vocals and story driven lyrics.

‘Up Again’ is the second single by Anniee which was released on New Year’s Day, the single ‘Up Again’ (feat. Reggie Yang) is an ambient electro-pop track that rings in 2021 with an inspirational message of hope and resilience. Using lush pads, playful vocal chop and a rich electronic sound palate, Anniee joins with producer Reggie Yang to create an empowering song for a recovering world.

This single has everything you would want to hear from an upbeat pop song, a catchy melody, beautiful vocals, and lyrics a listener can instantly relate to. Anniee has created something special with this incredible single which you can tell a lot of time, care, and attention to detail has gone into creating this single. It will have you hooked within seconds with it’s unique and catchy sound which will no doubt have you tapping along as you listen to this single.

Listening to the track to me it tells a story about a topic which I feel a lot of artist use but it’s not an easy topic to create something powerful with but Anniee has made it look easy. I feel it’s a single we all could do with hearing and is a real treat to hear. I won’t lie and sit here and say this is the sort of music I listen to, but I think Anniee could change that if she continues to make memorable singles likes ‘Up Again’.


By Ollie Cooper