The Keystones are an alternative bar-rock band based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Born in Waukesha, the very same place as the electric guitar, the members of this unique, out-of-the-box rock group hail from the golden era of grunge guitar, one that’s full of heavy tones and hypnotizing garage beats that dance between Brit-indie-rock and new-age modern rock sounds. They’re a far cry from the glitzy, indie pop groups that seem to fall out of the woodwork these days, and they’re okay with that. Why? Because their goal isn’t to find the glossiest sound. In fact, it’s much bigger than that: they want to make the town that created the guitar as we know it proud.

The band released a new single last month “Cut to the Chase” which is now available on all music platforms.

The new single presents a sound that echoes the alt-rock sounds of the 90s a modern touch. The song’s bass and drums really take center stage and bring this track to life, while the guitar line in this case takes more of a supporting role.

The band have no fear as they continue to create their unique sound which will grab your attention in seconds. The layered sounds and amazing vocals helps to create something special that you can’t help but love. The bands talented and unique sound shows through so well with this single and gives this track the extra kick to really stand out.

This is right up my street, I enjoyed listening to this track and hearing for the first time how great this band are. A new band to add to my list and one I can see having a great future if they continue to create phenomenal tracks like this one.


By Ollie Cooper


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