Lock-In are back with a brand new single!

After releasing two previous singles ‘Teenager’ and ‘Rosey Cheeks’ the band have now released their third single ‘Get Over It’ which is available on all music platforms.

Let’s rewind to early 2019 before we had heard of COVID 19 and the word Furlough, in the small town of Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire where school friends Angus Moore (guitarist), Benjy Leak (vocalist) and Sam Collins (bassist) began jamming to some of their favourite cover songs in their sixth form music classroom. Not long after, the three lads invited their fellow pupil and peer, Ollie Stacey (drummer) to join the band.

Fast forward a few months the four piece became a quintet when joining forces with East-Londoner, Patrick Murphy (guitarist) after being introduced through a mutual contact at the infamous Community Festival. This would be the very start of Lock-In.

You know when you hear a song, just the once and it gets stuck in your head all day? Well, this was certainly the case when listening to the band’s latest single, sometimes this is the worst thing ever! However, with this track that was not the case.

This indie disco track is a treat for your ears to hear and is guaranteed to be a hit with any indie music lover. It will capture your attention within seconds with its riffs and catchy chorus which will have you singing along or at least tapping along whilst you imagine it’s the middle of summer, you’re at a UK festival listening to this memorable track being played live.  

It’s impossible to not love this incredible single from the strong vocals, layered guitar riffs and brilliant instrumentals which will have you hooked and take you on a lyrical journey as you listen to ‘Get Over It’, weather as heartbreak, mental health issue or any other way they the listeners will be able to relate to this track.

The bands have yet again proven they can write an instantly memorable indie track packed full of high energy and charm really shines through. It’s great to hear a song where you can tell the band enjoyed creating the track and their energy is heard throughout the song.


By Siân Parker