Nautics are a four-piece independent band based in NYC. They have played shows in each borough including at Webster Hall, Mercury Lounge, The Bitter End, Bowery Electric, Kingsland, The Living Gallery, and Muchmores. The bands music is on all streaming platforms.

The band have just released our next single “Don’t Wanna Be Like This”. The latest single takes influences from both post-punk ballads and newer synth-wave, the band wrote the song to be a somber and futuristic lullaby, sparking nostalgia for a time that never was.

I find myself bobbing my head to this song which is not the type of music I would usually listen to, but it’s a song which I would listen to if I wanted just a fun song. There is something about this track which instantly grabbed my attention, I could not help but sit and listen to the whole song.

I love the how this band have managed to combine different genres and sounds and make it work so well. They have created a catchy song that has a synth-pop sound with a hint of the 70’s mixed in but with a modern twist which you will love hearing. The upbeat sound is something I feel we could all do with listening too at the moment, we need something that is guaranteed to have up bobbing around.

This brilliant song has great lyrics that really grab your attention and will have you tapping along with the track. The lyrics are really relatable, and I think every listener will be able to connect with them, I guarantee they will get stuck in your head as well and you will be going around doing your day-to-day tasks with these lyrics playing on repeat in your mind.

This latest single has a unique sound which you can’t help but love, I really enjoyed listening to this single and I look forward to hearing more music from this incredibly talented band in the future.

Great job!


By Ollie Cooper