Birmingham based singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Felix had released a new single ‘Getaway’ which is available to stream on all music platforms.

‘Getaway’ is a beautiful Pop and R&B influenced ensemble recorded in his bedroom during lockdown. Created as a way for him to sonically exhale the thoughts, feelings and frustration himself and many others have faced throughout this strange year, ‘Getaway’ is as relatable as it comes.

If you’re looking for a single to get you through Lockdown which you will love and be able to relate with the lyrics look no further!

This incredible single will grab your full attention within seconds with its upbeat sound and modulated vocals. The lyrics will have every listener relating to them, they draw you in and you cannot help but sit and listen to every word. They will be stuck in your head as you go around doing your daily routine, sometimes this is the worst thing to happen, but I guarantee that will not be the case with this single.

The vocals are something that has stayed consistently strong throughout this single and help to make this track stand out, there is something special about the vocals that you instantly fall in love with and they really make this track.

The combination of instrumentals, vocals and unique sound makes this single one you will not forget about any time soon, there is nothing I didn’t love about this single. Felix has proven he has the talent to create a unique track which is guaranteed to be added to any listeners playlist after hearing it for the first time.

A beautiful single packed full of talent and is such a joy to listen too.


By Siân Parker