At a time when people are separated by lockdown, divisive politics and culture wars, LA-based singer-songwriter GoldFord’s ‘Walk With Me’ is emerging as a powerful anthem of togetherness. Regardless of our current situation, it’s a potent reminder that a little togetherness can be invaluable as we wait for these times to pass.

Here’s what GoldFord had to say when we got the chance to ask some questions.

Who were your musical influences growing up?

“Sam Cooke, Bill Withers, Donny Hathaway, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Simon & Garfunkel,  The Beatles and a ton of deep 90’s r&B :)”

What has been your best gig?

“Easy. When I first moved to LA some friends and I decided to do a tribute to Bill Withers. We wanted to do his “Live @ Carnegie Hall” record note for note. 5 minutes before going onstage the club manager walked back and said “ummm..guys, Bill Withers is standing outside and wants to know if he can come listen”, it was surreal . He grabbed a table with his family and watched the whole show. Before the last song, which was the reprise of “Lean on Me”, he came on stage. I offered him the mic, but he just wanted to sit on the amp, play guitar and “be part of the band tonight” as he said. We all sang Lean on Me as he cried. He then grabbed the mic and gave the most beautiful sermon about what it meant to him. We hung out for a while after the show.  That was my best gig”.

Can you tell us a bit about your music?

“I make pop(ish) soul music. Most of it starts in the shower. I can be a perfectionist with ADD, which is a dangerous combo.  2020 was a shitshow…but It forced me to sit still and focus. I made so much music that feels like me. I have 4 EP’s coming out this year.  The first single off the EP is “Walk with Me”.

Can you describe your music in 3 words?

“Jew eyed soul”

What makes your music stand out? 

“I think It’s a combination of my voice and my experiences, not that they are necessarily so different or special from anyone else but how the feelings make their way through uniquely mine”. 

What are your plans for the rest of 2021?

“2020 really showed me what I took for granted. Seeing my parents. Traveling. Making music in person with my friends.  In 2021 I plan to get married! To release more music than I ever have, to get vaccinated and hug people, to travel and to hopefully perform live”.

If you had to be remembered for one thing apart from your music what would you want it to be?

“I would have to say my food. If i didn’t do music full time,  I would have a little restaurant serving up amazing dishes”.

Do you have any gig’s coming up?

“God willing!! Fingers crossed. Otherwise I will always be playing live online…but that hardly counts”.

By Siân Parker