OPEN ARMS are a Birmingham based Indie Pop band who’s music has dominated the UK and Europe. The band have recently released a new single ‘You’re Not Helping Yourself’ which is available to stream from all music platforms.

This latest single combines the usual Open Arms sound that is instantly recognisable and a sound we all love to hear with some catchy lyrics that I feel we can all relate to and a catchy beat that will not doubt have you dancing along or at least tapping along which I see as a basic guarantee that it will be a success live.

The single has the soft pop sound and upbeat feel that you will quickly become hooked on, it’s catchy choruses combined with slacker-pop sounds makes this track an instant favourite of mine. The lead singer Ben’s vocals along with some catchy lyrics and some great instrumental playing makes this a great track.

This was the first track I’ve heard from the band and I was impressed with what I heard, from the vocals to the unique sound there is nothing I didn’t like. It’s safe to say I am a fan and I can’t wait to hear more from the band.

By Ollie Cooper