The Motive from South West London have been going quite a while now and have a dedicated fan base averaging 15,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and their total streams have just gone over 850,000, which we are all immensely grateful for.

The new single ‘Live It Again’ is set for release on 4th February 2021. The band say they wrote ‘Live It Again’ during the summer of 2020 amidst sunshine and all around good vibes, hence the summery and joyous feel of the track. Having not decided on lyrics at that point yet they left the song as it was for some months, coming back in late 2020 / early 2021 to finish writing it. It seemed appropriate considering the mood of the nation, especially young people, to write about the feeling of wanting ‘normal life’ back. This is something the band would kill for considering they haven’t been able to gig for a prolonged period of time!

This indie-rock track with it’s upbeat sound and catchy lyrics is guaranteed to get you up onto your feet and give you the feeling of being at one of the bands gigs. ‘Live It Again’ has everything we have come to expect from The Motive, relatable lyrics, catchy beat, and the bands unique sound which is instantly recognisable. As soon as I played this single within seconds I was hooked and tapping along to this track.

‘Live It Again’ is packed full of energy, upbeat sounds, and catchy riffs that you will love, the band have created another incredibly catchy singles which will transport you to another level with the incorporation of catchy lyrics, brilliant vocals, strings, and drums.

What becomes increasingly clear listening to the new single is the sheer joy that went into the making of this track. The band have a unique and refreshingly feel-good sound and is another festival friendly track to add to the bands already impressive list.

By Ollie Cooper