VAHN are a new(ish) band from Ireland who started out in September 2020. They specialise in electronic music, and everything is produced by band member Derek Adams. ‘Teeth’ is their single that was released in October 2020.

Before I go further with the review, I must say that this genre of music is not my usual go to music choice. I know absolutely nothing about electronic music at all, as it just really isn’t my style or my preferred music. I can, however, appreciate the effort and hard work that went into creating this song, and am going into it with an unbiased, neutral view, with hopes that it may tempt me into this genre.

‘Teeth’ is full of an eerie, almost whispered vocal over a synthetic drum beat. I’m not entirely sure what the song is about as the background music distracts me too much for me to focus on what the lyrics are, which is a shame. (Are all synth/electronic songs like that? I genuinely have no idea!). I do like that the song builds and grows in production as the song progresses, but I just can’t really connect with it as a whole song unfortunately. I can’t really comment on the vocals too much because, after listening to it a number of times, the only thing I actually remember is the production. I’m sure the vocals are brilliant but under all of that beat, I can’t hear it enough to form an opinion.

As I said above, I do appreciate and admire the hard work that’s gone into making this song and I really feel bad for this review, but my policy is to always give an honest review, and if it’s not my thing, then it’s not my thing. Saying that, if electronic music is your thing, by all means give it a listen and form your own opinion! Maybe you’ll love it, and that’s great if you do, I’m pleased for you! But yeah. I’d rather politely be negative than be fake, so with that being said, I’m unfortunately going to have to say that it’s just not my cup of tea and I don’t think I’m going to be listening to it again, sadly.

I do thank you for submitting the song for review and I hope you don’t hate me for this opinion. Maybe a future song will change my mind!

By Daniel