Danica Dares formed in the madness of 2020, as reflected in the blend of styles used to get our message across. Loosely defining ourselves as alt-indie rock, our sound encompasses everything from 80s synth, to spoken word and choral music.

‘Paranoia Party’ is the second release from Danica Dares’ debut album ‘Curating The Lunatic’ which was written and recorded during lockdown. Their first release was the ethereal yet powerful single ‘Giving It Away’. 

If you are looking for a single which has a catchy chorus, lyrics that will grab your attention and a sound that is unique than this is the track you have been looking for!

As I was listening to the track, I was taken back to the 80’s with the 80’s synth-wave sound that I could hear in this incredible single. I felt like I had gone back in time and I was listening to one of my favourite 80’s bands who made me fall in love with music. As well as having an 80’s feel to the track Danica Dares has created a single which has a fresh take on alt-indie as well as creating their own unique sound which you can’t help but fall in love with.

It is so refreshing to hear something that truly stands out that also has a hint of our favourite sounds from the past. Danica Dares have created something which will have listeners dancing around whilst also relating to the lyrics which have a powerful message behind them.

It’s safe to say I am a fan and I look forward to hearing more from Danica Dares in the future!

Great job


By Ollie Cooper