Josiah Mortimer heaps praise on the pandemic heroes through his latest delivery ‘This Town’. The meaningful release delivers a message that stands out with Josiah speaking about his most recent lockdown experiences.

Parading an irresistible acoustic style, Josiah brings a new vibe to the forefront of indie. He has a unique approach, but he does not sound a million miles away from the tracks currently dominating the charts. Moreover, Josiah uses his influences to significant effect, and he takes a hint while ensuring he does not come across as another acoustic replica.

Vocally, Josiah hits the nail on the head. His confidence is evident, and his timbre grips to the full and stimulating compound. His tone is crystal-clear, and this makes Josiah’s message even more piercing. His singing performance drives the track forward, and it follows an unorthodox path with the structure regularly alternating with the guitar lead and rhythm often changing shape. As the track progresses, the guitar lead slingshots out of the mix and brings a bluesy texture which enthrals.

Overall, ‘This Town’ is more than just a charity release. It speaks about the moments which the majority of us have experienced. As a result, it is thought-provoking, and although we will not wish to look back at this time in a hurry, Josiah creates a long-lasting memory of the many people who stepped up during a time of uncertainty and turmoil.

Josiah is also raising funds for the FareShare charity who are working to tackle hunger problems in the UK. Furthermore, all stream revenues and downloads will be going to the charity, and you can visit his Bandcamp page to find out more.

By Dodgem