Freya Alley calms the nerves with her latest delivery, ‘Big Wild World’. Boasting angelic quality from the outset, Freya pushes onward with her quest to become one of the biggest names in the dreamy indie space. 

Proving versatile as a musician, Freya surprises once again with a new passageway. Furthermore, the multifaceted singer often delves into many genres of music. But, one thing always stays the same, and that is her ability to remain far from any equivocal talking point. Furthermore, her words are conspicuous here. Also, she provides a story that is exciting with an interpretation of the world around her. 

Cinematic in nature, ‘Big Wild World’ takes hints from some of the most fantastic film scores, and the arrangement hits with bold character. Also, the music and vocals’ passion is stimulating with a strong sense of empowerment leaking out of the compound. The vocal tone which Freya boasts is also inspirational with her gently articulating her message. She brings an ethereal vibe to the table, and she glides through the airwaves with vigour. 

Musically, the entire piece proves irresistible. Furthermore, the piano paints a clear picture on its own. It starts with a tender arrangement before eventually propelling itself forward with might. Also, towards the latter, the drum rhythm grips adding even more potency to the mix. It projects life and vitality and the energy is irrefutable. 

Overall, Freya Alley is proving to have a mysterious ability. Each release is fresh, and she never follows a monotonous path. However, will she stick to this style now that it is spreading a shockwave far and wide? Only time will tell.

By Dodgem