I’ve always said there’s nothing better than listening to someone pick up an acoustic guitar and blitz some decent tunes out of it.

We’ve got that here with South West singer songwriter Jack Card who has produced a little belter with his new song ‘Would It Be Too Easy’.

Jack has definitely got something going on here with this tune, simplicity is key when you first start making your own tunes, don’t take any risks. The lyrics are decent, bit of a love song going on I reckon. The chorus, Hold on, hold on to what you’ve got, so long, so long, to what you had definitely points to that, an old flame maybe?? Whatever it is it’s worth a listen.

Having recently reviewed Andrew Cushin’s latest singles there is a bit of a similarity between the two, the Geordie has literally lit up the world the last few months and if Jack plays his cards right, gets his head down and cracks on making decent sounds he’s got a bright future.

All the best lad

Peace & Love

By Ian