Charmist are a two-piece band from the West Midlands based, they have released their debut single ‘Consider This’ which is available to stream on all music platforms.

The opening is slightly trance feel piano, the single quickly changes with a catchy guitar riff which grabs the attention. I was hooked within seconds, I was loving the sound I was hearing and for me this track had everything.

It’s powerful sound will have you hooked within seconds and wishing you was hearing this single being played live. The song builds and has enough energy to carry the heavy sound it generates which will have you tapping along within seconds.

Considering this is the duo’s debut single I was very impressed with what they have managed to create, if I didn’t know I would not have guessed this was their debut single. It was right up my street and I had to add it straight to my playlist, it’s safe to say after hearing this incredibly memorable single I am a fan!


By Ollie Cooper