KADY (pronounced kay – dee), is a country-pop band based in Los Angeles, CA. For members Drew Frey and Keturah Church, since landing in LA almost four years ago, their lives have been about trusting the process, and finding ways to make something out of nothing. Frey from a small town in south central Pennsylvania and Church with close ties to the city of Philadelphia, the two couldn’t be more different. For them, it’s never been about fitting in, instead finally accepting and being ok with standing out. Their music and writing has always been a little this, a little that, combining influences from Frey’s country roots and Church’s pop and R&B background. KADY is their new project, focused on inspiring those who feel like they need permission to dream.

The duo’s latest single ‘Praying To The Ceiling’ is available to stream on all music platforms. This incredible single is impossible not to listen to from beginning to end, the strong voice with the brilliant instrumentals makes you feel like you’re in a small music venue and the duo are playing to just you, the hooks are strong and grip even when you think you’ve escaped them.

The latest single has a chilled vibe, but it still manages to pack a punch. This single is packed with emotions and the duo’s unique sound is magical to hear and will capture your attention and imagination within seconds. This combined with the lyrics and vocals makes this single so special to hear.

I was left with goosebumps after hearing this single and had it on repeat for most of the day and ended up with the lyrics stuck in my head, but that did not bother me. This instantly memorable and powerful single is one you need to hear and add to your playlist.


By Siân Parker