Laura Quintana is a twenty-two year old singer songwriter from Spain, who released her single, “Never Thought”, back in January 2021. Laura actually reached out to me personally on Twitter for me to check the song out just as a potential new fan, but because I write for this amazing music blog dedicated to helping undiscovered talent, myself and Siân (the founder of That Blogger Music, who of course you should all be very familiar with!) thought that it would be a good idea to review the song properly and feature Laura on the website! So, Laura, here is a surprise review for your song!

“Never Thought” is a simple sounding yet extremely effective love song about how Laura ‘never thought I could fall in love with someone like you, but here we are’. As soon as you hit play, Laura’s gorgeous vocals come in on top of a simple acoustic guitar, singing to us about all of the things she loves about the person she wrote the song about. The lyrics are cute and make you feel all the feels, especially if you’ve ever lived the lyrics she is singing! It’s cliché to say but this song makes you believe in love again, and I love that! We all could do with some love in our lives!! It’s definitely a very positive, uplifting, feel-good track, and Laura’s voice is simply stunning throughout, which perfectly displays her incredible talent!

About halfway through the song, the track becomes something else. What started off acoustically with a minimal simple production, it suddenly increases to a more upbeat, dancey pop song. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as I think it works wonders! I think this increase in production only adds to the quality of the song, as its almost like its an intense build in Laura’s feelings and her excitement about being in love, which makes this song feel much more three dimensional, if that’s even possible! I loved this sudden change and I think it worked well in this song. That being said, I do prefer the acoustic sound at the start of the song, as I think cutesy love songs work better with minimal production/backing track. But I can fully appreciate the pop background too, as I said, as it helps listeners to feel the excitement Laura is experiencing, and I did love this aspect of the song.

All in all, what would I say about this song? I think it’s absolutely adorable and I’m so glad Laura reached out to me! I have heard this song so much in the weeks that have passed since the initial Direct Message from Laura, and I’m definitely a fan! If you’re in love, you’ll love this song! If you’re not in love and have given up on love, you’ll also love it too – it’ll make you remember that love is worth it, after all! Trust me! And you’ve got Laura Quintanta to thank for that – remember the name, as she’s going to be big someday!


By Daniel