Singer-songwriter Sam Lambeth is back with the third single from his forthcoming album. ‘When I’m With You’ continues Lambeth’s flirtations with alt country and Americana, while retaining his knack for anthemics and penchant for melody.

Since relaunching his music career in November 2020, Lambeth has been on a major career upswing. His forthcoming headline gig sold out within six days, his songs have received critical acclaim, and his Spotify boasts over 75,000 streams and over 10,000 monthly listeners.

‘When I’m With You’ is a beautifully simple sounding song which is guaranteed to awaken every hair on the back of you neck with it’s amazing vocals by Sam which begs listeners to linger on his every word. It may have a simple sound throughout this incredible single but it’s still a powerful and beautifully created song which you will instantly fall in love with.

Lyrically I feel anyone would be able to release to the single, the lyrics tell a story about the decisions we make and the paths we take. What I love the most about the lyrics though is it can mean something different to everybody that listens to the lyrics.

This easy listening track a joy to listen too from the very start, the beautiful vocals and a simple yet catchy sound that make this track a treat to listen to, another great single to add to an already impressive list.


By Siân Parker