Kid Apollo is a solo artist hailing from Derry, Ireland. He writes, records and produces all his music from a beat-up laptop in a cramped bedroom.

“Shameless” is the latest single release from Kid Apollo which is available to stream on all music platforms. This new release with it’s soft, warm acoustics sound, r&b style creates a unique sound that helps to create song that instantly grabs your attention and will have you hooked within seconds.

This incredible single starts with a simple yet catchy acoustic sound and beautiful vocals, the combination of guitar with vocals is magical and will awaken the hairs on the back of your neck. As the single moves towards the chorus, it begins to build on it’s unique sounds and a slight R&B sound begins to come through which will have you up onto your feet.

This was the first track I have heard from Kid Apollo, it’s safe to say I am a fan from listening to the incredible vocals and being hooked by it’s incredibly catchy and unique sound, this single is something special that you need to add to your playlist.

Great job!


By Ollie Cooper