Comprising Joanna Backovic and Ian de Sylva, the duo weave compelling tales through a fusion of folk, country and indie, with a lush soundscape that ranges from the celestial to the cinematic.

Releasing their debut single today, “A Face in the Mirror”, is exemplary of the haunting, heartfelt beauty of NMB’s work. The track is taken from their upcoming debut album, ‘London’, set for release on the 5th June 2021.

Ian’s earthy voice and Joanna’s dewdrop tones merge as one over a mesmerizing tapestry of delicate guitars, graceful piano and elegant strings, all driven by a refined rhythm section. This combined creates something so special which will have you hooked within seconds.

The duo have proven they have got the knack for song writing and have created a feel good single packed full of talent and amazing vocal. There is nothing I didn’t love about this single, I feel it’s a song we all need to listen to, especially during these strange times we are going through.

This was also the first song I had heard from the duo and I must admit I was impressed with what I was hearing.

Great job!

By Ollie Cooper