Blue Kubricks release a brand new track ‘Latin’ as their debut release on Monomyth Records. Blue Kubricks mix rock, punk and indie-pop to create a unique musical melange of their own design that demands immediate attention and takes no prisoners.

The latest single was the first track I have heard from the Blue Kubricks, I sat down to listen to this track and I’m glad I did as I was blown away by it. The combination of the gripping vocals with a funky soul instantly grabbed my attention, their sound was something so different and I couldn’t compare them to anyone else.

The single is full of fresh and catchy sounds, vocals that demand you to stop what you are doing and to listen to them and will no doubt get stuck in your head. The lyrics along with the impressive instrumentals and catchy riffs will have you tapping along throughout this instantly memorable track which for me is what makes this track so special. I love how they have managed to create something that has such a catchy and gripping sound and have managed to create something with the Blue Kubricks unique sound.

This track will stop you in your tracks and makes you listen to every sound and word and sound. This single had my attention within seconds, you need to listen to this track to fully appreciate its charm.

Great job guys!


By Ollie Cooper