Sam McLaughlin is an independent artist from Northwich but now located in Liverpool. Sam is releasing his Debut EP ‘Iced Coffee at Midnight’ on the 30th of April which will be available to stream on all music platforms.

It’s impossible to not listen to this incredible EP from beginning to end and to not fall in love with the sound the strong vocals and brilliant instrumentals will have you hooked within seconds. It’s not often I listen to a debut EP I instantly fall in love with it. If you are looking for a new EP to add to your playlist which you will love straight away and will you be listening to on repeat, look no further!

It was hard for me to pick my favourite track from this EP as each track has its own anthemic sound which makes it special but the track that managed to stick out for me would be ‘Our Society’, this single instantly builds into a memorable track that was stuck in my head for the rest of the day. The lyrics are very relatable, the sound instantly had me hooked.

What I loved the most about this incredible EP is the fact it has all the things I look for in an EP and more. I love the fact when I was listening to the EP it took me back in time to the 00’s and the time I fell in love with music, but it also has a modern and unique sound that works so well. There is something about the EP that instantly grabs your attention, you can’t help but listen to every word.

This is an impressive EP, Sam has managed to create an EP that shows off his musical talents and combined classic sounds we love to hear with his own unique sounds, each track has its own special sound which makes them stand out but at the same time they work so well together in the EP. It’s safe to say I was impressed with what I heard, and I am a fan. The only bad point I have is the EP ended far too quickly, I was left wanting to hear more.


By Siân Parker