Sam McLaughlin is an independent artist from Northwich but now located in Liverpool. Sam is releasing his Debut EP ‘Iced Coffee at Midnight’ on the 30th of April which will be available to stream on all music platforms.

We got the chance to ask Sam some questions, here’s what he had to say.

Who were your musical influences growing up?

“Growing up I strictly listened to now that’s what I call music in the car with my mum going to football on Sundays, apart from that there was no musical ‘icon’ for when I was young. I started playing guitar at around 15 and then gradually discovered ‘real’ music. I’d say the artists who inspired my sound would have to be Sam Fender, Mansionz and Jack Kays”.

What was your first gig that made you fall in love with music?

“Went to see the Sherlocks for a tenner in a tiny venue and honestly it was one of the best times of my life”.

Can you tell us a bit about your music?

“I don’t have a strict writing process like some artists. I guess you could say I’ll just play a few chords until one of the progressions I play makes me go ‘ahhh, proper nice that’. Then I’ll just throw some sad boy lyrics over the top and then take it to my mates where they can give me some VERY honest feedback”.

Can you describe your music in 3 words?

“Morbid, memorable, Meaningful”

What makes your music stand out?

“I’d 100% say the lyrics. The realist, morbid approach to my writing really contrasts the almost happy sounding chords, it really gets the listener thinking”.

You have a new EP ‘Iced Coffee at Midnight’ coming out on the 30th April, can you tell us a bit about it?

“Iced coffee at midnight is my debut EP and contains three tracks.

-Tommy, which is about a young boy who feels trapped within his middle class family and wants to escape into the ‘real’ world.

-Little white pills, which takes on the view of watching a loved one suffer from depression giving you a feeling of helplessness and meaningless.

-Our society, which is my debut single looks at many problems within ‘our society’ including alcoholism, relationship problems and loneliness”.

If someone is just about to listen to your music for the first time, what should they expect to hear?

“VERY VERY VERY catchy riffs and lyrics which will keep you up at night”.

Do you feel there is enough help around your city for bands and artists to put on a gig and to get their name out there?

“I’m originally from a town called Northwich, also known as the ‘fetish wasteland’ of Cheshire where the opportunities are minimal however this year I’m now in Liverpool (the best city in the world) busking every other day and I just can’t wait till places start to open up again”.

Do you feel it’s harder to be a solo artist than being in a band?

“100%, I’m in a band called the personas and gigs are flying. I think solo artists are looked down upon especially within gigs. Bands can sound good no matter what as there is several instruments playing whereas as a solo artist everything has to be perfect”.

What are your plans for the rest of 2021?

“World domination”.

If your band had to be remembered for one thing apart from your music, what would you want it to be?

“My very aesthetic Instagram :”.

Any gig’s coming up?

“My first gig post lockdown will be 20th august at the salty dog in Northwich”.

By Siân Parker