Paradise Circus are a four piece indie rock band hailing from the Midlands, consisting of vocalist David Purchase, guitarist Callum Cartwright, bassist Sam Allen, and drummer Nathan Shingler. Following success with their debut single “Fight It”, the band have returned with their new single, “What A Way (Cheetah)”, which took two years to craft and was finally released on 19th April 2021! But, is it worth checking out?!

It’s worth noting before I press play that I’m very much hit and miss with indie rock – sometimes I like it, but equally sometimes I’m not really that fussed! But I’ve been assured I’d like this, which excites me! So let’s find out if that’s the case…

For the first 10 seconds, we have a beautiful guitar intro to start off the song nicely, before David’s strong vocal make its appearance, singing about an unstable relationship. Lyrically, this is clever and I really like how catchy the chorus is especially. The instruments used are very atmospheric and typical of an indie rock song, which is good! There’s no denying how talented this band are and how much passion they’ve put into this song – indie rock fans are going to absolutely love and devour this, I think!

With that being said, personally for me it’s not something I would usually typically opt to listen to. I don’t hate it by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m not fully sold on it either, which is fair! For me, something felt like it was missing, but I can’t pinpoint what that is. However, I think with a few more listens I could get into it, but having had a handful of listens purely for this review, as of right now it’s slap bang in the middle of the love/hate scale for me. I’m sure it could grow on me though, but as I said, indie rock is something I go in and out of love with and right now it’s not my thing. I can fully appreciate that the lads are a talented bunch and I don’t mean to come across harsh here in this review at all as I do know that they’ve put a lot of effort into this song, their sound and their craft, but for me personally, it isn’t necessarily my cup of tea of choice right now and I’d rather be honest in my reviews than lie to an artist. That being said, I genuinely really hope this song is a success for the guys – just because I’m on the fence, doesn’t mean a true indie rock fan won’t be! Best of luck with the new single lads, and please accept my apologies that I’m not fully on board just yet! Maybe your other music will convince me?!


By Daniel