Nottingham based singer-songwriter and guitar driven troubadour Jonny Olley has released his second single ‘Change’ which is now available to stream on all music platforms.

He says of his latest release: “From an outside perspective it’s a breakup song, I guess. But it’s more than that to me… To me it’s an inner cry of defiance, a promise. A resolution to myself to start moving forward in life. I wrote it after a breakup during the first covid lockdown of summer 2020. It was painful because it was one of them where life got in the way of something great. I didn’t want it to be all for nothing…”

This single starts with a gripping guitar riff which will have you tapping along within the first few seconds of this incredible single, some rich vocals by Jonny follow which work so well with the catchy and unique sound of this single, if you are not already gripped by the time the vocals kick in, you soon will be.

The lyrics will have you listening to every word Jonny sings effortlessly without fail, they work so well together with the singles sound and Jonny’s vocals to create a chilled and slightly haunting sound which you can’t help but love.

What I also love about this track is the incorporation of the instrumentals which adds another texture to this already impressive single. The combination of instrumentals and vocals is spot on and for me are well placed.

I was already a fan of Jonny’s music before I had heard ‘Change’, the latest single for me just confirms what I already knew that Jonny has the talent to create a single that has a lot of different features that work so well together. The single has everything you’d want to hear and more!


By Siân Parker