If you are looking for a new single that is packed full of energy that will grab your attention straight away and will leave you ready for the gigs to restart, search for ‘Losing My Mind’ and press play and be ready to be blown away with some punchy instrumentals and vocals.

It usually takes me a few listens to a track by a band or artist I have just discovered to fully appreciate the track, however when I pressed play on this track, I was instantly hooked but the instrumental at the very beginning of the single, by the time the vocals kicked in I was tapping along and had already added the single to my playlist.

If the instrumentals or vocals have not grabbed your full attention yet, the unique and catchy sound the band have create will. They have managed to create a sound which will have you up onto your feet dancing around as if you were at one of the band’s gigs, you will instantly fall in love with it. What I also love is the fact I couldn’t compare the sound to another band, they have created a sound which is theirs and it’s refreshing to hear that.

Moving onto the lyrics, all I can say is I guarantee you will be able to connect with them instantly! They are relatable and with Louis modulated vocals you can’t help but listen to every single word. I found that after just one listen to this track that the lyrics were stuck in my head for the rest of that day, now sometimes that’s the worst thing to happen however that was not the case for me. Personally, for me, if that happens it shows I have enjoyed listening to the track and is a sign it will become a favourite of mine very quickly.

An impressive single from a talented bad who I can’t wait to hear more from. Go and listen to this track, trust me you will not be disappointed.

By Ollie Cooper