Louis and the Shakes are a visceral indie band quartet, made up of Louis Antoniou on lead vocals, Jamie Lawson on lead guitar, Manny O’Donnell as drummer and Will Finnerty on bass. The band are shaking up the mainstream with their infectious hard-hitting riffs born from the western psychedelic rock world.

Here’s what Louis had to say when we got a chance to ask him some questions.

Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about the band?

“We’re an outfit like no other to be honest. We pull in all different directions and influences but ultimately it all boils down to this raucous energy fuelled by our love for indie rock, Americana sounds. Along with some other noticeable genre and inspirations, it amalgamates into this almost psychedelic westerny rock band”.

You have a new single ‘Losing My Mind’, can you tell us a bit about the new single?

“The single was the first track during our recording session where we all looked at each other like ‘holy shit, something beautifully strange is happening here.” We dared ourselves to venture into uncharted territory. It’s heavy and brutal in all the best ways, no holds barred. The track just never stops climbing. It starts quite seductive with a groove and then it develops into something with an edge, unhinged, unsettling and grips you on this rollercoaster which corkscrews into this whirlwind when suddenly you’re free falling into the pits of hell. And I truly love it, one of my favourites on the record”.

How do you find the writing prosses when creating a new single?

“With this track, being in lockdown and all that jazz, obviously i had this hook ‘losing my mind,’ on loop. I knew where I wanted to take it rhythmically so the soundscape came quite easy, I kinda had a direction that the guys got on board with very quickly. I was conscious of writing a ‘lockdown song,’ i thought that was boring, so I swiftly moved away from that pigeonhole and put it in the context of the album and the story. I wanted this to be about the girl, but not a love song, or anything ‘typical,’ I wanted it to be unruly, obstreperous. Unexpected. So when it came to recording it, the guys really added the gas to the fire and I just stood back and happily watched it burn. Everyone is so tight on this track, Manny with his animalistic drums, Will with the groove and dropping into Drop D, and Jamie just is the icing on the cake for me. He takes it to that weird and wonderful psychedelic world we wanted to paint. His performance on this track is a personal highlight for me”.

What should listeners expect to hear from your music?

“Don’t expect anything”.

If you had to describe your new single in 3 words, what would they be?

“Disruptive, Sexy, Chaos”.

How difficult have you found creating new music in lockdown?

“Nothing changed too much and if anything, it gave us a licence to record this album and do something we always desired to do. I was quietly working on it in the background but never dreamt of it happening as quickly and as easily as it did. Everyone came together on it effortlessly, which I knew would happen, but yea it was just like one day we woke up and were suddenly in the studio. It made so much sense, like we should have done this ages ago”.

Where can we listen to the new single?


By Siân Parker