Future Radio is a leading a revolution and challenging the norm through their unique brand of ‘Future Rock’. The duo’s latest single ‘Closed Doors’ is now available to stream on all music platforms.

Describing the song, Singer, Johnny Future say’s “Throughout the song, there is an constant interplay between dark and light, not only lyrically but also instrumentally. The single being played in a shuffle makes it feel kind of up, in contrast to the minor key in which I wrote the sing. It serves as a metaphor for everyday life.”

A catchy drumbeat introduces the song, followed by a melodic riff that repeats throughout the track. These instrumentals will have you hooked within seconds, if some how you are not hooked though you soon will be when the vocals kick in.

Lyrically, the verse will have you listening to every word without a doubt, the lyrics are refreshing and relatable which helps to connect with the track. They remind the listener that there is always something to live for, even if that something doesn’t always come easy.

This track was the first single I have heard from this talented band, I was impressed with what I have heard so far, the bands rawness and ability to create a catchy and powerful single is refreshing to hear.

Great job!


By Ollie Cooper





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