OPEN ARMS are back with a brand new single ‘Give A Little Less’ which is now available on all music platforms. The Birmingham based Indie Pop band composed of frontman Ben Farmer, guitarist Sam Barratt, drummer Drew Peters and bassist Tom Andrews, OPEN ARMS began as four friends who grew up together finding a common love for music and everything it encompasses.

If you enjoy listening to a track with a soft pop sound and the perfect summer track, look no further! This latest single combines the usual Open Arms sound that is instantly recognisable and a sound we all love to hear with an upbeat, fun and fresh sound that will have you hooked and wishing you was hearing this song being played live.

The single starts with an upbeat sounding instrumental and sound which you will instantly fall in love with. Your ears are then treated to some catchy and brilliant vocals which combined with the sound help to create an instant memorable summer anthem.

You know when you listen to a track just the once and the lyrics get stuck in your head, sometimes it’s the worse thing to happen however that is not the case with this single. I found myself humming along and having the lyrics stuck in my head for the rest of the day after playing this track but for me that is prove that it’s a fun, catchy and a track which is instantly recognisable.

Fusing together the synth-pop sounds with relatable lyrics, the band have created a track that you can’t help fall in love with. This band never fail to create something special that I feel any listener will instantly fall in love with. Another fantastic track to add to an impressive setlist!


By Siân Parker