Singer/songwriter from the Midlands Dean Dovey has released a brand new single ‘Shout!’. Dean say’s “It’s a summer stomper with a positive message of re engaging with the masses and feeling good energy off people once again”.

If you are needing a new track to add to your playlist which is pack full of talent, unique sounds and an upbeat sound which come together to create a catchy track which will have you up on your feet dancing around the house than look no further.

‘Shout!’ had my full attention within seconds, from the phenomenal instruments and vocals to the lyrics and sound there was nothing I didn’t love. The sound throughout the track is fun and catchy and will have you dancing around wishing you were dancing around at a gig.

The lyrics will capture your imagination and I feel we can all relate to them, they draw you in and you cannot help but listen to every word. They are meaningful, emotional and I feel help any listener connect with this amazing single.

This easy listening track is a joy to listen too from the very start and is a treat to listen to and will awaken every hair on the back of your neck. You can tell a lot of talent, time and effort has gone into creating this incredible single and it’s been worth it as Dean has managed to create an instant memorable track.

Great job Dean!


By Ollie Cooper