The New Consistent (Ben Ramsay) is a solo musician from the West Midlands. He creates chilled indie/hip hop music, similar to that of Loyle Carner, Kofi Stone, Baxter Dury and The Streets. He has a new single ‘All That We’ve Got’ which is set to be released on Tuesday 11th May.

The single is a little over 2 minutes of unique sounds and some vocals from Ben that make you stop and listen, the basic guarantees from any track created by Ben.

The track begins with a catchy guitar riff and gripping vocals which create a chilled vibe as you sit listening to this incredible single. The single begins to build and by the time the chorus kicks in the listener is transported to another level, you cannot help but listen to every word Ben sing’s and relate to the lyrics.

What I love about the single is it’s unique sounds and chilled vibe you get as you listen to the single, it’s catchy, refreshing and a joy to listen to. I couldn’t help but fall in love with this track instantly and for me I would go as far as to say this is the best single Ben has made so far.

An impressive track from a talented guy!

Great Job!

By Ollie Cooper