Indie-country artist, Breeze Redwine is taking a hint from the Nashville greats but also paving her own forward with her new release, ‘Money’.

The track is a re-release, and it testifies why she is on the radar of many country-rock enthusiasts. Furthermore, ‘Money’ boasts a gripping edge that keeps her high up the echelon, and she smashes it with a message about the true meaning of existence.

Not shy to get her thoughts off her chest, Breeze Redwine reiterates the importance of enjoying life as it is instead of chasing for money and flashy objects. Also, she expresses herself with a charming character which is empowering, and it will be no surprise to witness many of her fans adopting a similar mindset.

Vocally, Breeze Redwine, who resides in the UK, brings a unique tone to the scene’s forefront. Furthermore, her timbre is impressive, with a warm flavour that wraps itself around colourful tones. But, it is not just the vocal delivery that gets the excitement levels rising. Moreover, the guitar lead rips through the speakers with omnipotence, and the drum arrangement brings an infectious rhythm that gets the foot-tapping in a furore.

Still young at 18 years of age, Breeze Redwine takes it all in her stride, and although she is rapidly taking off in her community, she still has her feet firmly on the ground, and it is refreshing and stimulating to witness an artist keeping it real.

By Dodgem