Hull-based, indie rock maestro, Calboa, follows up his previous indie treasures with a new release, ‘Old Flame’. Here, Calboa reflects on a relationship that he once had, and he opens up about his experience with the one he once cherished.

Boasting a new quality, Calboa still manages to keep true to a sound he is becoming acknowledged for providing. Furthermore, he brings a fresh vibe but akin to some of the greatest indie tracks that have risen out of the scene in previous years.

On top form vocally, the Yorkshire singer drenches his tones with an unorthodox vocal effect. However, Calboa seems to pull it off seamlessly. Moreover, his raw tones still shine through the mix; his computerised layering gives him a selling proposition that stands out instantly. Also, lyrically, Calboa proves to be a wordsmith with his thought-provoking wordplay resonating with memorability.

Delving deep into his musical toolkit, Calboa catapults out with many sounds that he does not often use, including a glockenspiel. Also, he switches up his structure somewhat as the track progresses with a bridge towards the closing segment, enabling the music to take a step back. Here, Calboa bolsters his narrative, and it leads the pathway to one of the biggest indie rock finales to leap out in recent weeks.

So, what will be next for Calboa? An album? Only time will tell, but one thing is evident, and that is Calboa will be rising the echelon at rapid speed with these new gems.

By Dodgem