Max Stockin is a musician originally from Birmingham but now currently living in Worcester. He has a brand new song called ‘The Answer’ which is now available to stream on all music platforms.

The track opens with energy, and an ear pleasing intro that will grab your attention within seconds and is guaranteed to have you tapping along to the single. The intro had me sold withing seconds, which for me is an important part for me as that is a guarantee I will love the track. The single has a strong guitar driven sound throughout which give this song a catchy sound which you cannot help but love.  

The vocals are unique and catchy which completes the brilliant track, there is something about Max vocals which draws you in and you find yourself listening to every single word he sings with a huge amount of passion. The lyrics are empowering and motivational, they give the track the extra kick for a listener to instantly fall in love with the track.  

It usually takes me a few listens to a track by an artist I’ve just discovered for me to fall in love with the track, however Max has managed to grab my attention instantly. The talent that has gone into creating this upbeat and catchy single is crazy! You can tell a lot of talent, passion and effort has gone into creating this single and for me I’d say it’s paid off.

Great job Max!


By Ollie Cooper