The Harriets are a four piece band from Leeds consisting of Ben Schrodel, Daniel Parker-Smith, Jess Womack and Ryan Bailey. The band have released a brand new EP ‘A Little Something’ which is available to stream on all music platforms. The five track EP sees the acclaimed songwriters branching out into lush baroque arrangements, while retaining their unmistakable vocal harmonies.

This five track EP is full of big string sounds, piano and harmonies, it has the classic 60’s songwriting style to it which you can’t help but love. There’s a switch in style throughout the EP which gives this EP the extra kick to really stand out. It’s impossible to not listen to incredible EP from beginning to end and to not fall in love with is sound.

It was hard for me to pick my favourite track from this EP, if I really had to pick one that has managed to stand out a little more from the other tracks it would be ‘The Lie’, this single instantly builds into a memorable track full of energy and lyrics that make you stop and listen to every word. I love the slight jazzy sound to this single which instantly grabbed my attention and had me tapping along.

The band have managed to create an EP that shows off their musical talents and combined classic sounds we love to hear with their own unique sounds, each track has its own special sound which makes them stand out but at the same time they work so well together in the EP. Your ears will undoubtedly adore every track on this incredible EP from a talented band who I can’t wait to hear more from in the future.


By Siân Parker