Empowering from the start, ‘Daydreamer’ from UK-based Nobody is the type of track that creates goosebumps. It starts a little frightening with a chilling overture, but the power soon ascends to Nobody who drives the way forward.

Still relatively new on the scene, Nobody is proving to be quite the upcoming starlet with a smashing set of lungs under her hood. She leaks fearless prowess, and her warm tones cover the ears like a hot blanket. Also, she does not hold back with her delivery, often reaching deep into her vocal toolkit and rising to the top with certainty.

Her genre is a little unorthodox, given that she fuses many styles into one. But, it is a clever hybrid of both alt-pop and indie, creating an innovating soundscape. Although, a little more punch in the refrain could have been advantageous given that the tempo stays somewhat the same throughout. However, Nobody props up the entire mix with her catchy vocal melodies in the chorus, and her hooks take a new route, oozing charm as they hit the lugs.

In the closing stage, the guitar arrangements get even more focus with a Kings Of Leon-Esque characteristic. It is doubtful that the American rockers play a significant influence on the singer but, she adopts an approach which the ‘Sex On Fire’ hitmakers unleash time and time again.

Great job, Nobody! Please keep them coming.

By Dodgem