Reilly James is an indie artist from Preston, he has released a brand new single ‘Bring Me Down’ which is now available to stream on all music platforms.

If you’re looking for a single to add to your playlist which will grab your attention within seconds than look no further!

The single starts with an upbeat sounding instrumental and sound which you will instantly fall in love with. Your ears are then treated to some catchy and brilliant vocals which combined with the sound help to create an instant memorable summer anthem.

The lyrics will have any listener instantly connecting with them, they will have you listening to every word Reilly sings effortlessly without fail, they work so well together with the singles sound.

Fusing together the unique sounds with relatable lyrics, Reilly has created a track that you can’t help fall in love with, which is a basic guarantee for any track created by Reilly. The single will draw you in withing seconds, you will want to listen to this incredible single from beginning to the very end.

Another great single!


By Siân Parker