OPEN ARMS are a Birmingham based Indie Pop band who’s music has dominated the UK and Europe. The band have released an EP ‘Rushing Cars And Symphonies’ which is now available to stream on all music platforms.

It usually takes me a few listens to an EP for me to fully get into it and for the tracks to get stuck into my head, however, this was not the case when I pressed play on this EP. Their upbeat, indie pop sound combined with the relatable and catchy lyrics create something special which will have you hooked within seconds.

It’s impossible to not listen to incredible EP from beginning to end, the strong vocals and brilliant instrumentals will have you hooked within seconds and you will be up on your feet dancing around as if you are at one of the bands gigs. The bands high energy and ability to create memorable songs which all pack a punch in their own way is fun and refreshing to hear.

It was hard for me to pick my favourite track from this EP as each track has its own anthemic sound which makes it special. If I really had to pick one that has managed to stand out a little more from the other tracks it would be ‘Hello’, it’s infectious beat combined with it’s anthemic chorus which will have any crowd singing along is a joy to hear. This single will be stuck in your head after hearing it just the once, sometimes this is the worse thing to happen but trust me that will not be the case with this single.

This is an impressive EP, the band have managed to create an EP that shows off their musical talents, each track has its own special sound which makes them stand out but at the same time they work so well together in the EP. The only bad point I have is the EP ended far too quickly, I was left wanting to hear more.


By Siân Parker