Italian duo Glitch Project are smashing it with their latest release, ‘Bloom’, which is likely to be the first of many this year for the alt-pop group. Instantly, ‘Bloom’ gets the endorphins rising, and it stands out in the competitive space while taking hints from the best in the game.

A synth overture leads the way onward ahead of an impressive opening vocal performance from the leading ladies. They have a HAIM texture within their vocal tone, yet they sound unique and fresh in their own right. Also, cleverly, they do not hold back with their thought-provoking message, looking back and reflecting on their experiences of society and music.

As the track progresses, the drum rhythm gets the energy reaching a new level with a tapping arrangement which brings a new layer to the mix. It is somewhat dance-driven, yet it stays true to the track’s aura with a steady flow. Nevertheless, it does not deviate too much structurally, and to hear it change at times, may have added even more flair to the mix.

In the chorus, Glitch Project prove that they mean business with their infectious vocal hooks gripping the ears; they do not let go. Furthermore, the melody heads off into the soul, and it is challenging to tame it once it hits the melting point. Likewise, the music picks up in the refrain, with the synth getting a whole new lease of life, providing the compound with a fresh flavour.

You can take a listen to ‘Bloom’ by Glitch Project below. Also, be sure to follow Glitch Project on their official social media accounts. I am sure there will be plenty more gems like this one on the way very soon; well, let’s hope so anyway because this one is a treat. Either way, 2021 is looking to be a very bright year for Glitch Project.

By Dodgem