Los Angeles based and Seattle born, indie dance-rock band Joe Fox & The Frantics came together in 2016 as the new creative project for singer/songwriter Joe Fox and producer/multi-instrumentalist Aaron Edwards (The Cab, Sick Puppies). The resulting band blends elements of indie, pop, and British alternative into a fresh take on indie-rock. Infectious grooves and strong story-telling are combined with energetic live shows to keep fans coming back for more.

The newest musical offering from Joe Fox & The Frantics, Smoke Show, puts the focus back on the bands riff-oriented indie roots. With a driving stomp groove reminiscent of Do I Wanna Know? (Arctic Monkeys), enlisting the help of Will Brierre for mixing (The Airborne Toxic Event) and Brian Lucey for Mastering (Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys) Smoke Show will help you swagger into a post-pandemic summer.

This single will have you hooked within seconds with it’s gripping guitar riff which kicks off this instant summer anthem. It’s impossible to not listen to incredible single and not become hooked with it’s strong vocals and brilliant instrumentals. The bands high energy and ability to create memorable songs which all pack a punch in their own way is fun and refreshing to hear.

This single has everything I look for a catchy and unique sound, gripping instrumentals and relatable lyrics. The sound was right up my street and I find myself tapping along to the track straight away, I’ve also had this single on repeat which for me shows I enjoyed listening to it.

Don’t just take my word for it though, got and check this single out for yourself.

Great job!


By Ollie Cooper